Anti-PowerPoint-Party participates in Swiss parliamentary elections

Zurich Switzerland - The first global Anti-PowerPoint-Party (APPP) is an international movement with the goal to create an awareness of the PowerPoint issue among the world population.

The APPP sees itself as the advocate of approximately 250 million citizens worldwide, who, every month, are obliged to be present at boring company presentations, and who have not been represented in politics until now.

The movement regards the use of presentation-software, like PowerPoint, as the source of the problem. It fights against superiors dictating the use of PowerPoint and against pupils being forced to use PowerPoint.

The APPP promotes free speech of live persons, respectively the alternative flip-chart that beats PowerPoint in 95% of the cases with regard to its effect.

Goal of the movement is to decrease the number of boring presentations worldwide, and that those, who want to renounce PowerPoint, will not have to justify themselves in the future. It is not PowerPoint that should be abolished, but only the PowerPoint constraint. To draw worldwide attention to their cause the movement chose the organizational form of an international party in Switzerland.

Here, every citizen in the world can become member of a party. The party has 3500 members already and will be participating in the Swiss parliamentary elections on October 18. Its goal is to render the PowerPoint issue a political issue that one talks widely and deeply worldwide.

The APPP draws attention to business presentations, at which the participants consider their presence afterwards as futile. The Party calculated that hourly wages of the attendants alone result in suffering an annual economic damage of 350 billion Euros worldwide.

www.Anti-PowerPoint-Party.com exists in 12 languages. Every citizen of the world can become a proponent online.

Press contact
Antonet Rrasi