Just in time for Marty McFly's arrival into the future: The market launch of the self-balancing AngelBoard will turn the Hoverboard into reality.

Graz, Austria. The latest edition of the Canton Fair saw a new exclusive co-brand partnership between AngelBoard and Chic Intelligent Technology Co.(CHIC). This self-balancing scooter will be communicated as the AngelBoard. It will resemble the Hoverboard from 'Back to the Future' when it comes to fun and technology.

It's no coincidence that Marty McFly arrives in the future on October 21, 2015. Today we launch AngelBoard, the hoverboard that will have you gliding through the streets. The company AngelBoard operates as an exclusive global co-brand of CHIC Intelligent Technology.

In recent months many imitation boards have surfaced creating a lot of controversy around who is the original patent holder of the self-balancing hoverboard technology. One such claim to the patent by IO HAWK is false, the patent is held by CHIC.

The Original

CHIC Intelligent Technology Co. builds the AngelBoard. The company was founded by Pan Yunhe, the former president of the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. CHIC has been developing this technology for over eight years. Other self-balancing devices such as Hovertrax, promoted via the Kickstarter Campaign 2013, are based on a different technology and cannot compare to the AngelBoard when it comes to fun and functionality.

What exactly is AngelBoard?

The AngelBoard is something entirely new. It's not a skateboard. It's not a Segway. It's a revolution in personal transportation that is taking the world by storm. Similar to the fictional Hoverboard on "Back to the Future", a slight weight shift is enough to set the the AngelBoard in motion. The board can transport people up to 120 kg with a speed of 12 km/h distances of up to 20km on a single charge. Social media shows: even stars like Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx are fascinated by this technology.

"We are looking forward to starting a new movement with the AngelBoard." Batista GĂ©rard Ruben, AngelBoard.


All pictures: www.angelboard.io

Head of press and communication
Eva Sommer