Iran: Energy Globe World Award - Tehran becomes the worldwide center for sustainability

In less than one week, on 19th January, the Energy Globe World Awards, the most important world prizes for sustainability, will be awarded again. The nominees will be in the center of this TV gala which is broadcast worldwide and seen by around a billion people. They compete in the 5 categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. Event location of this unique environmental gala is the Milad Tower in Tehran which is a symbol of the 12 million city.

Presenters will be President Rohani, the Indian Minister Maneka Gandhi, Peace Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Munasinghe as well as high-level representatives of politics and economy.

With this gala which will be joined by representatives of around 70 countries, a new era of sustainability shall be initiated in Iran. The program for the use of renewable energies, e.g. 5000 MW photovoltaics in the coming 3 years is astounding.

Motto of this event is to stop talking and start acting - a vision shared by the nominees who have been chosen by the international jury this year from almost 2000 submissions from 177 countries.

The projects include a recycled skyscraper in Australia, a program to combat erosion in Ethiopia, a rainwater park in China and also a drinking water program in Tanzania. Also the youth shows how much they care for the preservation of our Earth with projects like an environmental football tournament in Belize or an education program for young farmers in Nigeria. Detailed information about the nominees can be found at www.energyglobe.info.

One thing is for sure: The quality of all these projects shows that there are solutions readily available for each resource problem on our earth.

Contact/photos: Energy Globe, contact@energyglobe.info, www.energyglobe.info/press-room , +43761731010