DBU Environmental Prize awarded to "Tree Patron" Mattheck and "Exhaust Hunter" Schulte

Osnabrueck, Germany (ots) - Foundation honours international commitment as well as development of innovative technology designed to protect the environment - Germany's President to present the prize

The latest winners of the Deutscher Umweltpreis, Germany's environmental achievement award, have now been decided: The recipients of the prize which, at EUR 500,000, is Europe's highest paid award for environmental achievement, and which is to be presented by German President, Johannes Rau, on 26th October in Osnabrück, are the Head of the Biomechanics department at the Karlsruhe Research Institute, Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck (55), and the founder and managing director of HJS Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH & Co KG, Hermann Josef Schulte (56, Menden). The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) is awarding the prize in recognition of Mattheck's pioneering achievements at national and international level as an interpreter of the language of Nature to engineering products as well as for his conservation of trees. Schulte is being honoured for the research and development of environmentally-friendly exhaust gas technology in vehicle construction, and especially for the development of a particle filter designed for diesel engines. As a result of this filter, HJS has helped to lower the risk of cancer being caused by particulates without jeopardising the benefits that this motor brings for climate protection, said DBU'S Secretary-General, Dr. Fritz Brickwedde, in a press release issued today.

- A more detailed text in English can be found at www.dbu.de/press

ots Original Text Service: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)