New Research Points Way to European Broadband Profitability / U.S. Study Underlines the High Cost of Low Rated Customer Service

London (ots) - Americans continue to ditch dial-up for high-speed Internet access but the States' service providers are racing to provide the customer service quality required to keep pace with subscriber demand, according to a newly released study of over 550 U.S. residential broadband subscribers. Sponsored by SupportSoft, Inc.

(NASDAQ: SPRT) and conducted by Zanthus Research, an independent market research firm, the study reveals that nearly 7 in 10 broadband subscribers have called for technical support during the past 12 months, and 40% surveyed called more than once. With worldwide cable modem sales expected to double by 2007(1) and DSL subscriber bases forecast to grow from 11- 200% by country yearly(2) outside the U.S., European service providers are taking notice of what they can expect ahead, as broadband consumer adoption accelerates.

Europe service providers stand to gain by studying the business economics experienced by their U.S. peers. For example, a typical broadband service provider in the States serving 1.8 million subscribers would have had phone conversations with 1.2 million of them during 2002 at the average cost of US$13 per call -- resulting in more than US$15 million in service costs to the provider annually. However, the typical broadband customer is calling more often than that -- an average of 1.9 times a year. With 18% of customers calling twice and 21% calling three times, the cost for phone support to the service provider can skyrocket to nearly US$25 million, annually.

Escalating these costs further, when a phone call doesn't solve the problem, dispatching a service truck to a customer's residence can add an average cost of US$150 per truck roll. This helps explain why technical support has become a prime target for automation among high-speed data providers as a way to cut costs.

"Broadband service providers are under intense pressure to cut operational costs. Reducing their customer support burden is an important way to realize immediate and long-term savings," said David Hawley, senior analyst for the Yankee Group. "Operational costs are only one half of the equation, though. Providing consistent, high-quality customer service is key to building customer loyalty and lasting competitive differentiation. The trick is to strike the balance between efficient and effective customer service that meets corporate strategy."

Additional findings from this first annual high speed Internet support quality benchmark survey, which examines the quality of customer service experienced by broadband subscribers, include:

-- Cable subscribers are more satisfied with the quality of support they receive than their DSL counterparts. Twenty percent of all DSL subscribers report being dissatisfied, compared to 14% of cable customers.

-- Just 5 problems account for the majority of both phone calls and online support searches: no Internet access, inability to send/receive email, password problems, slow connections and repeatedly dropped connections.

-- Over 68% of broadband subscribers seek technical support by phone but 48% say they would prefer to use online chat, email or the provider's online support portal.

"Broadband service providers in both the U.S. and Europe are rapidly adapting to the support needs of their subscribers with new tools and techniques, including self-service options that provide people with more control and choice in fixing their own problems," said Bruce Mowery, vice president of marketing for SupportSoft. "Industry leaders recognize that creating a great customer experience is a universal need no matter what country you may live in. Service automation is helping drive increased subscriber loyalty and adoption of add-on services worldwide, as well as assisting high speed data providers gain business advantage through reduced operational costs."

SupportSoft is a leading provider of service automation software for broadband providers in the U.S., counting 7 of the top 9 high-speed data providers among its customers, which represents 75% of the North American broadband subscriber market. Additionally, European broadband leaders, including Belgacom, TeliaSonera and UPC Chello, also use SupportSoft solutions in multiple languages.

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