Care-Energy Offers Representation to E.ON and RWE Shareholders /"The Business Models of PLCs Must be More Closely Controlled by Specialist Expertise"

HAMBURG, Germany, March 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The largest German energy service provider, Care-Energy, is expanding its service portfolio and offering official representation to the shareholders of E.ON and RWE and other energy stocks. Interested parties can find information and make enquiries about the new Care-Energy Shareholder Service on the website http://www.care-energymanagement.com.

"We have internally combined our extensive know-how in the areas of energy, trading, technology and law to enhance our energy services portfolio. With the establishment of our shareholder representation - Care-Energy Shareholder Service - we offer institutional investors such as local authorities, banks and investment funds, but especially the many small investors in E.ON and RWE, a competent and energetic voice," announced Martin Kristek, founder and owner of Care-Energy.

Martin Kristek commented further on E.ON and RWE corporate policy in recent years: "Shareholders in companies like E.ON and RWE, for example, have lost 48.16% and 68.16% of market value in the past 5 years. What used to be safe investor dividends are falling in value and the appointed board members are not succeeding in stabilising the financial results or the reputation of former flagships of German industry, even at a low level. In particular, individual shareholders and institutional investors without knowledge of the energy markets find the reliability of corporation planning hard to evaluate properly and have almost no influence on the company due to their position as minority shareholders."

As an energy service provider, Care-Energy has the task of representing the interests of consumers in the energy market, continued Kristek. This naturally also applies to the interests of all those consumers who have invested directly or indirectly in the major energy companies, for example via DAX funds or investment portfolios. "We will meticulously review results and forecasts in the interest of the shareholders. In spite of painful austerity programs for the workforces, corporate executives and board members have not been able to present any sustainable strategy to enhance the growth of market price and earnings. This negative development for shareholders and the German economy generally should be presented and openly debated. Changing society and the changing energy markets need a different approach from that taken by E.ON and RWE in the past few years. Without representation from Care-Energy, profit as the central goal of an investment in shares has been neglected in recent years. We are here to change that."

About Martin Richard Kristek:

Martin Kristek, owner and founder of the Care-Energy group of enterprises, has decades-long experience in the energy market. Kristek is a certified and approved exchange trader at the major European energy exchanges and has both the commercial and technical background necessary to put companies such as E.ON and RWE back on the track to success in terms of the shareholders.

About shareholder associations:

Shareholder associations are registered associations of shareholders. By coming together, the associations are able to advance more effectively the common interests of shareholders. Shareholder associations can use their General Meetings to publicise appeals, make applications, raise issues and execute the assigned voting rights of their members. For example, shareholder associations are helpful for small shareholders and those shareholders who cannot personally attend the Annual General Meeting.

Most shareholder associations limit their activities to companies whose shares are traded on the stock exchange. Shareholder associations, however, are generally not specialised in a particular industry and rarely have relevant industry and market knowledge. Traditional shareholder associations have decades of experience, usually have several lawyers in the team and provide comprehensive advice of a legal nature. When it comes to damages or liability claims, some shareholder associations also conduct test cases on behalf of their members.

Care-Energy Shareholder Service

Care-Energy is expanding the traditional concept of shareholder associations with proven market expertise and strategic expertise in the energy market. An improved yield is linked not only to the use of legal options, but also by connecting this knowledge with extensive strategic expertise to all aspects of the energy market. The Care-Energy Shareholder Service lifts shareholder representation to a new level of service with the aim of enforcing course corrections at the energy companies in the interest of its shareholders. This service is aimed at German and Austrian as well as European and non-European investors. Care-Energy is well positioned for this task because, with its international branches, the lines of communication for shareholders are kept short.

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