Synergy Professional Services Europe asks companies the question: How secure is your network?

Vienna (ots) - "Security of the company network is becoming more and more important" says Richard Nessmerak, Managing Director of Synergy Professional Services Europe. "On the one hand, one must adhere to the new and existing legal provisions and on the other hand, correct training in network security is the decisive basis for this."

Synergy Professional Services, a renowned provider of manufacturer-oriented and independent training services and workshops has set itself the task of supplying objective information on network security and the necessary training measures.

"We have developed a special security curriculum, extensively covering all relevant network security areas with which to plan and implement security in an objective manner, in keeping with the latest technology" says Richard Nessmerak. Also, individual training can be arranged and carried out anywhere via the Internet. Using the extensive Remote-Labor, network topology is also possible well as training projects, in order to carry out extensive tests and simulations before a company implements a complex network.

In 2002, Synergy Professional Services was placed among the biggest training partners in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region and is also, amongst other things, an authorised and certified CLSP - Cisco Learning Solutions Partner.

About Synergy Professional Services:

Synergy Professional Services is the recognised market leader for training and advisory services in the EMEA region. The training and advisory business, from Dubai, provides decision-makers in IT with support implementing complex network projects in the area of training, advisory and technical services. The most extensive equipment laboratory (Remote Lab) in the EMEA region is available for all products delivered by Synergy Professional Services.

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