Borgward Group AG concludes strategic partnership with robot specialist KUKA

Munich/Stuttgart - Borgward Group AG has formed a long-term strategic partnership with the Augsburg-based company KUKA Roboter AG, the world's leading supplier of robotic systems. "The cooperation with Industry 4.0 pioneer KUKA is another milestone for Borgward in its endeavor to create a state-of-the-art production system," said Ulrich Walker, CEO of Borgward Group AG, at the signing of the memorandum of understanding in Munich on Tuesday. "We are delighted to have found a long-term partner for the implementation of concrete Industry 4.0 projects: the Borgward Group," added Stefan Lampa, CEO of KUKA Roboter GmbH. Among other things, the partnership covers the joint development of production lines, the standardization of processes, and the development of versatile systems and tools.

The cooperation with KUKA will enable Borgward to expand its global production system and create an extremely flexible manufacturing process that can quickly respond to changing market developments. Borgward Group AG has already introduced its Borgward Sustainable Platform (BSP) at its first plant, which is located near Beijing. This platform strategy enables the plant to simultaneously produce a variety of models with different wheelbases and drive technologies on a single assembly line. The platform will also be used in all future Borgward plants.

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