On Good Terms With Long Lines: Oil-Pipelines Soon Safer

Osnabruck, germany (ots) - Medium-sized company from Darmstadt develops new technology aimed on early detection of leaks - Tests in Russia and China - Financial backing from the DBU

Are oil-pipelines ticking eco-bombs? 74 million litres of oil are supposed to having polluted the Ecuadorian Amazon area in the last 30 years - far more than the leakage on the occasion of the Exxon Valdez accident. And the Amazon area is not the only spot of oil production. Environmental technology "Made in Germany" could now clearly enhance the safety when "liquid black gold" is transported. With financial backing of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU, Osnabruck, the Magnum Automatisierungstechnik (Darmstadt) developed a software to locate leaks in oil pipelines more simply and even faster and herewith protecting the environment more effectively. The new technology passed successfully first acid tests in Russia and China. DBU Secretary General Dr. Fritz Brickwedde: "The method has proved to be suitable for all purposes and world-wide applicable even under extreme climatic conditions."