Dusseldorf, Germany (ots) - IFR Monitoring announced today that it has entered two new markets, Slovakia and Romania, as part of its expansion in Eastern Europe. IFR Monitoring is now able to deliver clients with white goods data from these countries. IFR monitors 90 outlets in Romania and 65 outlets in Slovakia, and data has been available since January 2004.

Nicolas Brouet, President of IFR, commented: "We are delighted to be expanding into these two countries and others in the future .The expansion of IFR is a result of the increasing client demand for our market research data, not only for Western Europe, but also for Eastern Europe".

"We believe that Eastern Europe is a very important market, which will have strong purchasing power in the near future. We believe our data users should increase their focus on these markets." As a part of our worldwide expansion, IFR monitoring is also planning to enter soon new markets: Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

About IFR monitoring

IFR Monitoring and Analysis provides reliable and up-to-date market information used by multinational companies in strategic marketing planning and product development. Our service is a reflection of what is on the shelves as seen through the eyes of the consumer. We aim to provide an immediate report, highlighting changes in the market, trend shifts, abnormalities etc., as they take place. With 30 years' experience, IFR operates an 'instant-data' service, presenting shelf monitoring and analysis of all prices and products present in over 2,600 outlets in Europe, as well as Brazil, China and the USA.