JohnsonDiversey Launches Fight against Avian Flu; SARS Experience Prepares Company, Customers for New Challenge

RACINE, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 12, 2004--With avian flu advancing across Asia and appearing in the United States, JohnsonDiversey Inc. is partnering with its customers across the globe to launch an offensive against the spread of the virus. The effort includes offering products that are the registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and proven effective against avian influenza.

A global leader in the commercial cleaning and hygiene industry, JohnsonDiversey is working with customers in the intensive livestock and poultry processing, quick service restaurant and retail industries to stop the spread of this dangerous virus.

"In 2003, JohnsonDiversey was at the forefront of the fight against SARS, working in partnership with our customers in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world to implement the most effective cleaning and disinfecting strategies," said Greg Lawton, JohnsonDiversey president and CEO. "Following the SARS outbreak, we used our front-line experience to customize a total solution of products, training, hygiene protocols and up-to-date information for individual countries and customer types. This aggressive strategy is now being applied to the fight against avian flu."

"JohnsonDiversey customers are responding quickly and forcefully to the threat of avian flu," Lawton said.

"Our leading Asia-Pacific-based customers in the affected industries have said fighting avian flu and giving their customers confidence is their number one priority," said Lawton, who recently toured customer facilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Across the world in food plants, restaurants, retail food outlets and health care facilities, JohnsonDiversey solution providers are training customers in infection control protocols and effective product application techniques to avoid further spread of the virus.

Based on infection control strategies that proved effective in last year's battle against SARS, JohnsonDiversey's program consists of a four-pronged attack against the virus.

1. Detailed protocols developed for specific customer types in regions around the world

Consistent with World Health Organization recommendations, JohnsonDiversey's protocols include strong hygienic practices for the proper handling of poultry, disinfection of surfaces, and thorough hand washing. For food-related customers, JohnsonDiversey offers a "farm to fork" approach that applies bio-security and food-safety practices along the entire food chain. This approach begins by applying these safe practices at hatcheries and chicken farms, as well as at slaughter houses and food-processing plants. Ultimately, these protocols are applied to poultry sold to food retail and restaurant locations around the world.

2. Vigorous customer training for controlling the spread of infectious disease

JohnsonDiversey has launched a campaign to provide training on effective cleaning and hygienic practices for hundreds of customers across Asia as well as North America and Europe.

During the height of the SARS battle in 2003, JohnsonDiversey trained customers worldwide in the retail, health care, hospitality and food processing industries, affecting the practices of thousands of their employees around the world.

3. Products specifically tested and proven effective against avian influenza

To swiftly fulfill heightened demand, JohnsonDiversey increased the availability and distribution of all key products used in the fight against infectious disease. JohnsonDiversey has five products registered by the U.S. EPA as effective against avian influenza. These products include the Virex(TM) disinfectants: Virex(TM) 128, Virex(TM) II 256, and Virex(TM) Tb. Additional products include Forward(TM) DC disinfectant cleaner and Expose II(TM) 256, a phenolic disinfectant for hard surfaces. These five products are widely available for use in the United States and the Asia-Pacific regions.

4. Infection control Web site that serves as a clearinghouse of current information about both avian flu and SARS

JohnsonDiversey last year launched a widely recognized SARS Web site that was populated with up-to-date information, links and procedures for controlling the spread of disease. The site has been expanded this year to include information and protocols for fighting avian flu, and provides current links on avian flu and SARS. Visit the site at www.johnsondiversey.com. With operations in more than 60 countries and customers in more than 120 countries, JohnsonDiversey Inc. is a leading global provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions to the institutional and industrial marketplace. JohnsonDiversey serves customers in the lodging, food service, retail, health care, food and beverage sectors as well as building service contractors worldwide.