MATERNA announces hosted MMSC services for small mobile network operators and MVNOs

Dortmund (ots) - MATERNA Information & Communications, the leading mobile application service provider, today announced their multi-client MMSC service. "This offer is a very attractive proposition to small mobile network operators, mobile virtual network operators and new GSM/UMTS market entrants, enabling them to offer full multimedia messaging services plus appealing consumer applications from day one, and at very competitive commercial terms", says Helmut an de Meulen, Co-founder and CEO of MATERNA. In addition, MATERNA's hosted MMSC service is the ideal solution for network operators looking for additional MMS overflow or backup capacity.

The hosted MMSC is based on the proven and reliable Anny Way Multimedia Messaging Centre, which has been already deployed to a significant number of mobile network operators in Europe and Middle East. The hosting offer includes full MMS services including transcoding, message routing to other national and international network operators, subscriber management, billing and statistics. A comprehensive set of consumer-oriented MMS applications as well as a multimedia album goes along with this offer.

MATERNA GmbH Information & Communications

MATERNA is a leading software company in the field of information and communication technology. The company employs worldwide 1.200 staff members and its turnover was estimated to more than 145 million euros for the year 2002. The Business Unit Communications offers products and solutions from the business area Mobile Solutions and Unified Messaging. This includes in particular mobile and fixnet value-added services on base of SMS and MMS, WAP and Mobile Java which are distributed under the brand name Anny Way.