Mixed feelings / GfK survey of the expectations of people in the EU accession states about life after 1 May 2004

Nuremberg, Germany (ots) - People in the countries which will be member states of the European Union (EU) after 1 May 2004 generally believe that EU membership will result in good employment and education/training opportunities. This belief is chiefly based on the opportunities associated with cross-border mobility. However, there are also concerns. The main anxieties the new EU citizens harbour are potential price increases in their own countries. These are some of the findings of the latest EU Index survey conducted by GfK Ad Hoc Research Worldwide.

Opinions are divided with regard to the future standard of living in the new EU countries and not everyone is sure that unlimited mobility will result in an improvement. Many people are worried that EU membership will lead to price hikes in their own countries. However, most people in the accession states were far more optimistic about the future of healthcare systems in their respective countries. Most respondents had little hope of EU membership changing existing corruption in their countries for the better. At the same time, most of those questioned did not believe that being part of the EU would mean a loss of cultural identity and traditions in their own country.