STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® 2016 World Championship in Stuttgart / From such wood are world champions hewn

Stuttgart, 13 November 2016. Jason Wynyard from New Zealand is the world's top athlete in logger sports. The 42-year-old chopped and sawed his way to his eighth world championship title in the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® 2016 World Championship in commanding style. Silver went to Matthew Cogar from the USA and third place was taken by Martin Komárek from the Czech Republic. Already yesterday the logger sports athletes from Australia had won the team title with axe and saw setting two new world records. The two competition days were followed by 11,000 spectators in the sold out Porsche-Arena in Stuttgart.

Old and new Champion comes from New Zealand

It was a totally thrilling logger sports contest with 14 national records, one new world record and an illustrious starting field - but at the end, nobody could withstand him: Jason Wynyard from New Zealand, exceptional athlete and now eight-time world champion. From the beginning on Wynyard's heels was US American Matthew Cogar who however showed weaknesses with two axe disciplines. These cost him valuable points and finally sent him to the second place. Czech Martin Komárek won the third place with a consistently good performance and only a few points less, thus becoming the best European competitor. The world champion took pride in his eighth title: "It took a long way and a lot of hard work to get here. My consistent performance yielded the title at the end. That is why I am now very delighted." Whereas for Stirling Hart from Canada the world championship became a roller coaster ride. Aside from four Canadian records, he set a new world record at the Springboard. However, at the racing chain saw Hot Saw, he aimed at too much and lost his chances for a place on the podium due to a disqualification and ended up fourth.

The blockbuster team

In the team race four Australian athletes smashed four logs with their axes and chain saws within 46.45 seconds to chips. That did not only set up a new world record, but also yielded the third World Champion Team Title for them. Team leader Brad DeLosa enthusiastically celebrated the victory of his team: "All of us competed greatly and the new record is the crowning event. The mood in Stuttgart was indescribable. The aim for next year is clear in any case: of course gaining the fourth title." Canada as opponent in the finale had hardly anything to oppose that. The team from the USA had beaten out one of the top favorites, the New Zealanders, in the quarter final before leaving significantly behind them the Czech team in the small final and secured the third place for themselves. Thus, the Czechs however finalized as best European team of the World Championship 2016.

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