The 2016 season - A triple win for BORGWARD

It all began with the prestigious Red Dot Award for the pioneering design of the Borgward BX7, continued with the Plus X Award for design, quality, ergonomics, and functionality (the world's biggest innovation award), and has now culminated in a triple win for the 2016 automobile year. Actually, Borgward has achieved a "double hat-trick," because a top-notch jury from the German Design Council (the German brand and design experts) has honored three vehicles from Borgward Group AG. The coveted German Design Award was presented not only to the seasoned BX7 original model but also to the compact and dynamic Borgward BX5, which celebrated its premiere in Geneva, and to the exciting PROJEKT BX6 SUV coupe concept. What's more, the vehicles were honored in several different categories, including those for outstanding design quality, aesthetics, and innovation.

The German Design Council seeks to promote innovative products and projects that play a pioneering role in both German and international design. This means that the Borgward design style, which has been described as "typically German" on many occasions, has now received official praise from the highest authority. The German Design Council, which appointed a jury consisting of 48 high-profile members this year, was established as a foundation in 1953 at the initiative of the German Bundestag. Today it is considered one of the world's leading centers of expertise for design communication and brand management.

"We have now received a prestigious design and innovation award for the third time in 2016 - and this time it was for our complete current and future model range," said Ulrich Walker, the CEO of BORGWARD Group AG, at Borgward Group AG headquarters in Stuttgart. "This sends a powerful message, and it also honors the determination with which we are permanently establishing the Borgward design style in the automotive world. So, congratulations to our international design team, whose extremely creative and highly motivated members developed our distinctive design DNA and are systematically refining it to make it even more outstanding."

The award-winning models from Borgward

The BORGWARD BX7 is a model designed for the globally popular market for large and midsized SUVs. The 4.70-meter-long newcomer made a big splash when it was launched in its premiere market of China in June 2016. We have already received 20,000 orders for this model in China since then. This young bestseller has impressed customers in China with its thrilling design, which includes the distinctive wing lines and the OCTAGON radiator grill, an innovative all-wheel drive system, and the state-of-the-art Multiple Interaction online communication and entertainment system. Outstanding safety is guaranteed by the comprehensive and intelligent PROTECT occupant protection concept. Here, groundbreaking dynamic handling and driver assistance systems help to prevent collisions. If, however, a collision should occur, a highly stable passenger compartment with precisely defined crash zones and passive restraint systems offers reliable protection and reduces the severity of impacts.

The Borgward BX5 newcomer, which includes similar features, celebrated its world premiere as a production model in Guangzhou at the beginning of November. With a length of 4.50 meters, the BX5 belongs to the more compact SUV segment, which is continually expanding and developing into the most popular and successful segment in the global automotive market. The BX5 is an extremely pragmatic vehicle that also incorporates Borgward's typical design. This SUV, with its 4.50 meters of length and a wheelbase of 2.69 meters, offers a spacious interior and also boasts the typical virtues of a classic SUV - for example, versatility and superior comfort. The Borgward BX5 also makes a big impression with its dynamic off-road capability and sporty driving performance.

The BORGWARD PROJEKT BX6 TS - a 4.51-meter-long showcar - is an exciting and especially sporty SUV with a flowing coupe-like roof line. It impressively demonstrates everything BORGWARD SUVs have to offer in terms of agility and dynamic handling.

All three model series will be launched in Europe in 2018, initially in plug-in hybrid or all-electric drive versions. The launch will kick off with the BX7, which will roll off the line at the new production facility in Bremen.

- Cross reference: Picture is available at AP Images (http://www.apimages.com) -

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