Recipient of the MY WAY PRIZE 2004

The MY WAY Prize of the Austrian private foundation MY WAY awarded on March 17, 2004 at the Vatican to the head of the Catholic Church for extraordinary services in humanity, cultural understanding and a better world

The MY WAY Award Recipient

"His unprecedented, unique way of touching people, his close relationships with the ‘common�' folk, and his immense contribution to cultural understanding make the ‘pope of the people�' a role model for all" - according to MY WAY chairman Ernst FISCHER - and one of the most important reasons for presenting this award to the Pope.

The MY WAY Prize

The MY WAY PRIZE 2004 was awarded to Pope John Paul II on March 17, 2004 in recognition of his outstanding international personal contributions by the private Austrian foundation MY WAY. The prize was presented by MY WAY chairman Ernst Fischer in the Vatican.

Previous MY WAY prize recipients: Nobel Prize Winner for Peace Lech Walesa (2003), Brigitte Bardot (2002), Karlheinz Boehm (2001) and Christiaan Barnard (2000).

"Reconciliation has always been his personal goal, and his intense commitment to promoting understanding among world religions has always characterized the work of Pope John Paul II. In his 25 years of service, more than 100 trips have brought worldwide attention to many projects which would have otherwise gone unnoticed", according to recent praise given to the 5th MY WAY prize recipient.

The MY WAY concept

The open air MY WAY monument (www.myway.at) was dedicated in 1999 in the village of Hagenbrunn near Vienna. The my way award was launched to complement the my way street of art.

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