SMEs can now enter new markets at low cost and low risk

London (ots) - A revolutionary export solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is now available in 37 countries. The business service Winweb Global Office gives SMEs access to distribution channels across the world, without giving up territorial rights.

SMEs traditionally had to choose between giving up territories to sales agents or investing in offices in the new market. Winweb Global Office is the first real alternative that offers a local presence and access to local distribution channels on a subscription basis in 37 countries. SMEs can try new markets at very low cost and risk.

Winweb Global Office includes everything a company would expect from a local office, including a local address, telephone and fax number, call answering and order handling, development of distribution channels, marketing, PR and sales services, bookkeeping, cash flow, website, online shop and much more.

What makes Winweb exceptional is a combination of local staff, strategic partnerships with companies such as Barclays Bank, Danzas and DHL, Cisco and SecureTrading, as well as leading Internet technology.

Winweb invested two years and over GBP 2 million into the development of its management console, a unique proprietary export management web application. The management console features a complete accounting system, which is directly linked to an online shop, an email system, document storage and back up facilities. Another unique feature is a tracking system which allows clients to monitor every service performed for them by their local office team - up to the minute.