Kapsch Aktiengesellschaft and Siemens Transportation Systems Limited are pleased to announce that the two companies have entered into an agreement to work together to jointly develop the next generation of GSM-R Mobile Termination unit and Cab Radio. This new generation evolves from successful products of both companies and includes the latest GPRS functionality. Both companies believe that this agreement enhances their ability to provide the latest technology in a form suitable for the Railway environment. The product will meet the needs of the Railways as they implement ERTMS radio based signalling and EIRENE voice communications systems throughout their networks.

GSM-R is the new standard for radio communications for railways and is seen as essential for safe operation of trains in the future. It provides capacity for data and voice and is used for secure communications between trains and the ground infrastructure. The system was developed under an EU funded project using standards developed by the European Integrated Railways Radio Enhanced Network (EIRENE) group, which had representatives from all of the major European railway operators.

The GSM-R MT provides the means for a Cab rRadio to connect to a GSM-R network. The Cab Radio provides the facilities for Train to Ground communications including Driver to Controller speech and Data, which can be used for a variety of purposes, including signalling. The implementation of GPRS will allow the railways to consider the use of GSM-R for data transmission to and from trains for such purposes as Passenger Information,Maintenance Information, Diagnostics, On-board Ticketing etc.

Mr. David Wenzerul, General Manager STSL and Dr. Kari Kapsch, Director Kapsch Communications, stated that they were very pleased to have signed the agreement and both looked forward to a fruitful on-going relationship.

Further details:

Siemens Transportation Systems Limited
Peter Elkins
Tel.: +44 1202 78 2067

Kapsch Aktiengesellschaft
Horst Kaufmann
Tel.: +43 664 628 4220