Astana, KAZAKHSTAN - EXPO 2018

It is not exactly true, that Slovenia does not participate in EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Elan Inventa took care of leaving Slovenian mark on the Expo, where over 100 different countries are presented on 25-hectare site.

We produced and installed a high-quality telescopic stand with over 2,000 seats for the new multifunctional congress hall.

Due to the complexity of the facility and short delivery times, several innovative technical and organizational solutions were used in the implementation of the project. The stand consists of five blocks. It has 20 rows of power driven platforms, 2 inner tunnels, LED-lighting of stairways and tunnels, and safety railings with a poly-carbonate filler. All platforms are upholstered and all chairs are padded. All stand components were shipped by 14 trucks, and the assembly by our reinforced team lasted almost two months.

Special platforms for VIP seats were installed on the stand for the opening ceremony. The opening was attended by 25 Heads of State and Government and other distinguished guests, among them leaders of Kazakhstan, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, the Spanish king Felipe VI and UN Secretary-General António Gutteres.

Depending on the needs of each event, a platform can be completely folded against the hall wall and can thus provide additional space for various events.

At the time of EXPO 2017, the hall shall host more than 15 international conferences, symposia, concerts and other cultural events. On September 10th, the hall will host the closing ceremony of the world exhibition.

By September 10th, 3-4 million visitors of world exhibition are expected.