Fly with your own car

CarmusementFlights & CableFlights

A new invention creating a totally new kind of theme park and helps solving traffic and pollution problems

Fürth (Bavaria) - Vienna, September 7th, 2017 - Michael Mack, the inventor of
ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANTS® is developing a spectacular idea together with his team. Conventional cars with passengers may soon be able to "fly" on specially designed Ferris Wheels, different types of carousels, rollercoasters (CarmusementFlights), as well as ropeway systems (CableFlights). This technology (patent pending) creates a new kind of theme park (CarmusementPark) on the one side and opens the doors for the implementation of environmental friendly traffic solution concepts in city centres on the other side.

Traffic problems in metropolitan areas are increasing daily and are hereby causing horrendous consequences for our environment. A possible solution may be a CableFlights system which may transport cars with passengers into the city centres and back. The cars may be air conditioned during the flight. Furthermore, e-cars may be charged during the flight. Last but not least there may be a FlyInRestaurant on the way. Using a mobile application the flight passengers may be able to order food and beverages, which they may then receive through their car windows.
Instead of being stuck in traffic the flight passengers may enjoy a great view of the city. It's simply carmazing!

CableFlights may not only be applicable for infrastructural measures, but for theme-parks/ safari-parks and/or for connections between amusement- / safari- or water-parks including the corresponding hotels.

At CarmusementParks the guests may ride CarmusementFlights, e.g. CarmusementWheel, CarmusementChairoplane or CarmusementRollerCoaster and enjoy flying through a loop while sitting in their cars. A totally new theme park experience.


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