WHO Distinguishes Vienna as a ‘Safe Community’!

On June 9th, Vienna the capital city of Austria was distinguished by the World Health Organisation for exemplary accident prevention in transportation, habitation, health and social welfare. The ‘Safe Community�' certificate was ceremoniously awarded in Vienna�'s Town Hall. In the past, only small towns have been designated as ‘Safe Communities�'. With nearly 1.6 million residents, Vienna is the first metropolis to receive this award, and thus to take the international lead in safety.

Only those cities are recognised as ‘Safe Communities�' that have successfully implemented exemplary and comprehensive prevention programmes. Worldwide, only 80 cities have achieved this recognition - and now Vienna is one of them.

The certificate was awarded in Vienna�'s Town Hall during a reception by Mayor Michael Häupl on the occasion of the 7th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion: ‘Safety2004�', held in Vienna on June 7th - 9th, with about 1500 participants from over 100 nations.

Special recognition was given to the interdepartmental accident prevention programme ‘safe Vienna!�', an effective long-term project equally covering all age and risk groups. Main attention has been given to protecting the most endangered groups of people: children, young adults and senior citizens.

The initiative on ‘safe Vienna!�' was launched by the City of Vienna in co-operation with the Viennese Local Health Insurance Institute, the General Accident Insurance Institute, the Sickness Welfare Institute for the Civil Servants of Vienna, the Social Security Institute for Industry, the Insurance Institute for Public Servants and the 'Safe Living�' Institute.

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