GfK unveils its multi-talented new MediaWatch / Integrated audience measurement system for TV, radio, cinema, external advertising and print

Nuremberg, Germany (ots) - Today, GfK unveils MediaWatch, its latest technical development for

electronic media reach research at this year's international week of

media research organized by ESOMAR and ARF, which starts today in

Geneva. The wristwatch measures whatever mass media the wearer comes

into contact with, wherever the wearer may be.

The new metering unit is the first technology worldwide which is

equally able to measure the media contact of the wearer with radio,

TV, newspapers, magazines and other printed matter as well as cinema

and outdoor advertising.

MediaWatch technology offers the media research industry a completely

new approach. To date, research has been media-specific, which means

it specializes in measuring the use of one particular medium. Now for

the first time it is possible to carry out research into media

consumption which is user-specific, and thereby record and analyze

the complex multimedia mix to which people are exposed today.

The watch is a miracle of micro-technology. A recording unit records

and encodes audio and radio signals three times a minute. The new

MediaWatch is able to record data for up to four weeks before it has

to be changed. If clients want, they can have docking stations

installed for panel members which can be used to send the signals

recorded during the day to the GfK IT centres overnight. These are

compared with sample signals from programmes and offerings from all

media and further processed for analysis purposes.