The GreatLomoWall - the world’s largest wall of photographs, in Beijing

Opening of the final exhibition (over 60,000 images) of the worldwide LOMO BMW X3 Photography Competition at the Temple of the Sun in Ritan Park, Beijing, China.

The Lomographic Society International, BMW China and BMW Group International present the GreatLomoWall: 2 July, 7pm at the Temple of the Sun in Ritan Park, Beijing.

The Lomography World Congress 2004 is also being held in Beijing from 29 June - 4 July.

Between 11.2003 and 04.2004 over 3,000 entrants from 65 countries submitted images to the international lomographic photography competition (www.lomography.com/bmx3) on the topics: My Passengers, My Tools, My Day and My Best Shot Ever.

Random, experimental, rapid snapshots from all areas of everyday life, inspired by the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography - e.g. 'Be fast', 'Don�'t think', 'Take your camera everywhere' or 'Ignore all rules'. These were also the buzzwords for the liaison between the BMW Group and Lomography: the revolutionary concept of the new BMW X3 stands for diversity, activity and the integration of all areas of life in a single vehicle!

The images sent are magnificent. Never before in such a short time have we managed to compile such a varied, colourful, powerful, aesthetic, subtle, personal, and accordingly touching image of everyday life around the world. A truly unique cross-section of the appearance of the surface of our planet at the start of the 21st century, seen and recorded by different eyes and lenses from all over the world: no staging, no faking, democratic!

Now these images are going to form the biggest wall of photographs in the world. As an allusion to the Great Wall of China and as a mark of respect for China, that vast impenetrable country, and its inhabitants, BMW and the Lomographic Society elected to present the show in the great outdoors, at the Temple of the Sun in Ritan Park, Beijing.

60,000 images mounted as mosaics on a 200 metre LomoWall face the altar, lining the round inner wall of the temple, which was built in 1530. China encounters Brazil, Lithuania encounters the USA and the United Arab Emirates, Germany.

An additional LomoWall showing thousands of images of everyday life in China is to be presented on the altar in the centre of the temple. These images are the result of a local project carried out with a network of Lomographers, schools, universities and social organisations all over China: We gave them 300 cameras and free film.

The LomoWorldCongress 2004 is also being held in Beijing to coincide with the opening of the GreatLomoWall. 150 Lomographers from all over the world are discovering and documenting Beijing in an exceptional programme covering the city and including parties and competitions (www.lomography.com/worldcongress2004).

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