Survey by GfK and the Wall Street Journal Europe on holiday-makers in Europe and the USA

Nuremberg - The Greeks, Finns and Austrians like holidays that include some form of sport, Americans love sightseeing and Germans' ideal holiday is lazing in the sun or trying out restaurants. These are the findings of a joint survey carried out in 20 countries by GfK Ad Hoc Research Worldwide and The Wall Street Journal Europe.

Activity holidays are equally popular in Europe and the USA. Around 30 per cent of respondents in each case said that they enjoyed visiting places of interest at their holiday destination as much as walks and hiking. Sport is another popular holiday activity, with 28 per cent of respondents choosing to cycle, go sailing etc. while on holiday. Sunbathing is something only one in four respondents mentioned as their favourite holiday activity.

Germans love the sunshine and gourmet restaurants

There are, however, country-specific differences: Greeks are particularly keen on sport during their holidays, with 75 per cent engaging in some kind of sporting activity. Approximately 50 per cent of Finnish, Austrian and Swiss holiday-makers also like to spend most of their holiday time doing sport.

Sunbathing is especially well-loved by Germans, with almost 50 per cent indicating it as one of their preferred holiday activities. Germans like also walking on holidays and eating out in upmarket restaurants. Most Americans shun sunbathing, with only one in ten indicating it as something they would do on holiday. US citizens are very active holiday-makers, loving sightseeing tours. Like the Greeks, Finns and Austrians, Americans also love sports. Four in ten Americans indicated sport as a favourite activity.

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