IBM Global Services Inks Multi-National Deal With CreekPath Systems

BOULDER COUNTY, CO (ots) - CreekPath Systems(R), an award-winning, independent software vendor empowering organizations to obtain the maximum value from their storage operations, today announced a global resale and services agreement with IBM Global Services. This agreement provides the CreekPath Suite as part of IBM's storage software portfolio to customers from the SMB market to the Fortune 500.

Customers are continually striving to achieve maximum value and efficiency from IT storage operations. With only point solutions and homegrown tools being used to address these issues the struggle between the need to manage growing storage capacity and complexity and the mandate to reduce spending is endless. The agreement formed by IBM Global Services and CreekPath Systems will provide a solution to this ongoing problem through IT Services consulting as well as Strategic Outsourcing client engagements.

"The market momentum created by independent software vendors like CreekPath is encouraging for end users looking not only to address IT storage management issues but those who are thinking strategically about storage from a business perspective," said Nancy Hurley, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "The consistent traction CreekPath has made is quite significant and this latest success testament to their value to end users."

Dennis J. Grant, CEO, CreekPath Systems, said, "We are continuing to forge important partnerships with industry leaders like IBM Global Services because the CreekPath Suite helps companies drives business efficiencies and provides a more reliable service to their customers. This strategic relationship combined with our recent customer wins, generous funding, and product delivery is ensuring our continued growth and leadership position."

About CreekPath Systems

CreekPath Systems is an award-winning, independent software vendor that is dedicated to helping organizations obtain the maximum value from their storage operations. CreekPath simplifies, stabilizes, and secures the storage management process by enabling people to visualize and control their storage operations maximizing efficiency through a single management console. Using the CreekPath Storage Operations Management suite, our customers have achieved dramatic reductions in capital and administrative costs while at the same time improving service levels to their users. Visit the CreekPath web site at www.creekpath.com for more information.

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Jennifer Roane