iQFlow by Franke: Revolutionizing Coffee Making

At Franke, the focus has always been on using cutting-edge technology to deliver premium quality beverages. Now Franke is taking things one step further and revolutionizing the traditional espresso concept with its groundbreaking iQFlow technology.

So far in professional coffee systems, the three parameters - quantity of coffee, grinding coarseness and extraction time - had to remain constant in order to produce perfect drinks. This often meant constant adjustment of the coarseness settings. But with iQFlow, Franke is totally revolutionizing the approach to this problem, offering real-time control of extraction time and, therefore, the taste profile. The benefits of intelligent extraction speak for themselves:

Benefit 1: With iQFlow the professional simply defines the desired taste profile for each individual product based on the extraction time.

Benefit 2: iQFlow extracts more aroma under constant pressure over the entire extraction time than previous systems, so that flavor profiles can be varied even more individually.

Benefit 3: iQFlow ensures each pre-set taste profile in real time.

Benefit 4: The tedious grinder adjustments are no longer required.

Benefit 5: Thanks iQFlow, the premium in-cup quality once set remains absolutely constant. Day after day. Cup for cup.

iQFlow significantly lightens the workload of baristas and coffee shop staff. The ability to define the taste profile for each beverage by individually setting the extraction time means that you can always guarantee perfect consistency and enjoy premium quality coffee. Thanks to iQFlow, Franke is setting new standards for taste profiling and extraction

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Franke Coffee Systems is a world-leading solution provider for professional coffee making. The product range includes fully automatics, semi-automatics, traditionals, capsule machines and specialty craft brewers. Our passion for the best coffee quality motivates us to elevate the customer experience through state-of-the-art innovations. Learn more at www.franke.com

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