Vienna achieves 8th successive bednight record in 2017

Vienna's tourism industry looks back on its best year ever: 15.5 million visitor bednights, 3.7% more than in 2016, represent a new all-time high.

In the record year 2017 Vienna recorded 15,510,000 visitor bednights (+3.7%) and 7,097,000 arrivals (+3.1%). Vienna's ten top performing markets were headed by Germany with 3,116,000 bednights (+5%), followed by Austria (2,830,000 bednights, +/-0%), the USA (893,000, +7%), the United Kingdom (692,000, +/-0%) and Italy (666,000, -10%). Places 6 to 10 were taken by Spain (467,000, -2%), China (440,000, +34%), Russia (437,000, +31%), Switzerland (436,000, -1%) and France (435,000, +8%). Strong growth was also reported from South Korea (217,000, +10%), Australia (173,000, +19%), Brazil (139,000, +11%) and India (128,000, +11%). Net room revenues generated by the hospitality sector - with January thru' November 2017 currently evaluated - amounted to 709,5 million euros, an increase of 7%. The Viennese hospitality sector has an accommodation capacity of approximately 66,000 hotel beds, with a room occupancy of around 76%.

"We shall be concentrating our priorities for the coming years on sustainable and value-adding growth, internationalization and even stronger networking of the tourist players in Vienna," reports Director of Tourism Norbert Kettner. "The Vienna Tourist Board is also addressing local residents, whose positive attitude towards tourism is a tremendous asset for Vienna: according to our latest representative study, 96% of Viennese have a positive attitude towards tourism." In 2018, more than 30 exhibitions will be focusing Viennese Modernism and its aftermath right up to the present day. Further information: www.viennesemodernism2018.info.

Photos: https://www.ots.at/pressemappe/5570/wientourismus

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