Elite Education in e-Governance - An international elite school for executives and decision-makers in administration, politics and the business world.

Lausanne (ots) - Switzerland now also has an elite educational program for future executives in the public and private sectors. The Executive Master in e-Governance at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne is directed towards the future directors in administration as well as the top elite within industry, non-profit organizations, NGOs and political parties. Within a year, job-related themes such as Risk, Change and Technology Management with the aim of mastering Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a basis for a changing profession within administration will be taught and implemented at the same time.

According to Professor Finger, the Director of the Program, this is one of the few educational programs in the world that presents the participant with clear concepts and examples of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that can be used to accelerate a lasting change in the state and can smooth the way for an integrated electronic governance within the scope of state control and governance mechanisms. The main focus will be on the procurement of the following competencies:

- the ability to formulate e-Governance strategies in order to optimize internal processes and structures and also to develop new forms of interaction with the stakeholders,

- the tools to be able to correctly evaluate and select technologies for the specified strategy, and

- the Know-how in Project and Risk Management in order to implement the defined strategies without delays and cost overruns.

The Master emanates from Lausanne, goes via the HSG (Hochschule St. Gallen), to Germany, Belgium, and Finland and then on to Canada and Mexico. It is based on the ECTS Standard (60 credits), and will begin in January 2005 and cost 29,000 EUR.

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