Burda's award winning new patio heater concept for commercial and private outdoor areas

Outdoor heating, lighting and cooling concept in every size, colour and configuration - the award winning MODULAR SYSTEM from the German company Burda Worldwide Technologies, offers the first unique solution to create the perfect climate and design for terraces, conservatories, under awnings and other outdoor areas. The patented outdoor heating concept was recently awarded with the Innovation Prize for technical progress at the world's leading trade fair, R+T 2018, in Stuttgart.

The plug-in system is the first of its kind on the market that combines instant heat from powerful infrared heaters, pleasant light from LED spots and refreshing cool temperatures from cooling nozzles, all in one unit. Each single module can be used stand-alone or easy connected to any other module. The MODULAR SYSTEM is available in any RAL colour and size to match existing designs and requirements of hotels, restaurants, hospitality settings or private terraces.

MODULAR SYSTEM - tailor-made for the prefect climate on terraces, patios, conservatories and under awnings

The core element of the plug-in system is a waterproof 2,000-watt radiant heater that provides instant heat without pre-heating by infrared shortwave, equipped with powerful, eye-friendly ULTRA LOW GLARE tubes, which produce 80% less glare. The heater can be combined with energy-saving LED spots (3.5 watts) and cooling nozzles. PERFECTCLIME® nozzles have to be connected to a water pump. The fine mist cools down the ambience temperature by up to 12-15°C. Further modules to add-on are planned.

In addition to individual modules, which can be configured according to the customer's wishes, the company also offers ready-to-use MODULAR SETS with a length of three to five meters in different versions.

More information: www.burdamodular.com and www.burdawtg.com

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