Small & Medium-Sized Aerospace Enterprises set up CSH Cabin Systems Holding

Six North German suppliers to the aircraft industry are joining

forces. They have laid the cornerstone for restructuring the industry

by founding the CSH Cabin Systems Holding (Ltd.). The move is a clear

sign to big business that they intend to act as a strategic partner

in dealing with complex work packages.

"CSH Cabin Systems Holding paves the way for a one-stop system

supplier. From now on, we will manage the entire spectrum of services

for cabin equipment from A to Z under a shared roof, allowing us to

recruit additional customers worldwide", CSH managing director

Weitemeyer emphasized.

The establishment of CSH came in the wake of market analyses carried

out by the Hanse-Aerospace association. They assume a worldwide

annual order volume of 10 billion USD for aircraft cabins, for

everything from carpets to entertainment-systems.

This represents a financially attractive growth market for any

provider, assuming prices between 15 and 20 million USD per cabin for

long-range jets and 5 to 10 million USD for short- and medium-haul


Beyond the aircraft industry, CSH also intends to outfit ship cabins,

coaches and train compartments. Large-scale manufacturers like

Airbus, who demand that their contractors enter into risk- sharing,

welcomed the merger as a step towards a necessary restructuring in

the small business community.

By the end of 2004, up to fifty more SMEs are expected to join CSH,

along with major partners in the IT, Finance, Logistics and HR-

Services sectors. Intensive negotiations are underway.

The new company will take up operations at the beginning of January


CEO: Werner Weitemeyer



Managing Committee: Uwe Gröning