Molecular Imprints Expands Operations - Opens European Branch

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 14, 2004--Molecular Imprints, Inc. ("MII"), the leading manufacturer of step and flash (S-FIL(TM)) imprint lithography has opened a European office (Molecular Imprints, GmbH) in Aalen, Germany. This office will offer technology and applications support for regional customers and for MII's exclusive European distributor, Carl Zeiss NTS. In conjunction with MII's new office, Carl Zeiss NTS is building an Applications Laboratory at its Oberkochen facility.

Molecular Imprints, GmbH will be headed by Mr. Pascal Gubbini (General Manager -- Europe) and Mr. Boris Vratzov (Applications Engineering Manager). Pascal comes to MII GmbH with over 15 years of semiconductor industry experience in business development and customer relations, and Boris offers over 8 years experience in lithography technology.

Norm Schumaker, MII's CEO, states, "I am pleased to have Pascal and Boris join us in this new venture. They bring a wealth of experience to our company and will increase our breadth and depth of understanding in the important semiconductor and nanotechnology areas in Europe."

About Molecular Imprints Inc.

Molecular Imprints, Inc. ("MII") develops and manufactures nano-lithography systems for high resolution and for 3-dimensional pattern replication. The company has commercialized a new and unique Step and Flash Imprint Lithography technology (S-FIL), which is a simple step and repeat, room temperature, low pressure, nano-imprint process that has demonstrated sub-20 nanometer resolution.

Molecular Imprints provides enabling lithography systems and technology for manufacturing applications in the areas of: nano-devices, micro structures, advanced packaging, bio-devices, optical components and semiconducting devices. MII's Imprio(TM) product family is a cost-effective substitute for next generation lithography systems, at a fraction of the price. For more information, visit: www.molecularimprints.com.

Austin Angela Ausman,