Syndesis Eases the Complexity of IP-VPN Service Delivery to Ensure Tier 1 Carrier Success Toronto

(ots) - Enhancements to IP-VPN Solution Suite Help Curtail Competitive Pressures and Boost Bottom Line

Syndesis has released enhancements to its IP-VPN solution suite that further shield the world's leading telecommunications companies from the complexity of VPN services, the IP applications they enable, and the still-maturing networks and technologies that enable them. The carrier-proven, multi-vendor offering fulfills the service provider need to marry traditional network reliability with the flexibility, speed and security IP applications demand, both in the network and the back office. Additionally, by empowering service providers to convert network functionality and application capabilities into services and automatically translating carrier marketing specifications into detailed network configurations, the Syndesis solution enables providers to define and deliver differentiated VPN-based services rapidly and cost-effectively.

With a fierce focus on the bottom line, service providers are looking to quickly bring IP-VPN and VPN-based services to market in order to address demands from both competitors and customers. The hurdle lies between defining new services and getting them onto the network at a time when volumes are growing steadily and new technologies are increasing the complexity of service delivery, making it impossible for providers to continue relying on cumbersome manual or script-based processes to provision VPNs.

"Traditional provisioning systems are not practical for IP-VPN delivery because they were built to manage point-to-point pipes. Provisioning IP-VPNs is much more complex, requiring control of IP address management, routing protocol configuration, subscriber management, security and -- in some carrier environments -- provisioning of the underlying Layer 2 or Layer 1 infrastructure. At the same time, the system must enable the management of both standardized and custom VPN services, and it must be able to accommodate vendor-specific implementations of still-evolving technologies," said Sanjay Mewada, Vice President, Communications Infrastructure and Software for the Yankee Group. "To combat these and other provisioning complexities, and to enable the profitable delivery of VPN-based services, providers must look to automation, and that means turning to a new breed of intelligent provisioning and activation solutions."

The Syndesis Solution

The Syndesis IP-VPN solution suite is engineered to manage VPN complexity and, at the same time, provide the flexibility necessary to respond to technology that is still maturing and service catalogs that are continually expanding. Management of new and existing VPN services is centralized, integration with other BSS/OSS systems is simplified, deployment is guaranteed and costs are minimized.

"Our software empowers service providers to make optimal use of skilled personnel and implement substantial cost-saving measures, resulting in an immediately apparent and positive impact on their bottom line," said Mark Nicholson, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Development for Syndesis. "Typically, routine provisioning of VPNs is being carried out by highly-trained personnel. Syndesis makes it possible for these scarce resources to be reassigned to areas -- because they cannot be significantly automated -- that truly need this expertise, such as troubleshooting, network planning or network design. We are also starting to see a shift from all-custom VPNs to more standardized models, which service providers would only customize for key customers. This will enable providers to fully leverage their IP provisioning solutions and allow for greater fulfillment automation, which will ultimately increase margins and curtail customer attrition through consistent offerings and lower cost for service."

With the latest enhancements to its IP-VPN solution suite, Syndesis is proud to offer:

-- A fully integrated multi-service offering that weds network reliability and IP flexibility and that consolidates provisioning, reconciliation, and network optimization functions across multiple network layers. The Syndesis solution enables service providers to reduce operations and maintenance costs, speed service delivery, break down the silos across the telco, and reduce errors associated with handoffs between systems and separate databases;

-- An accurate, network-synchronized cache of customer, service and infrastructure data that spans multiple service offerings, network layers, and vendors' equipment. This dramatically improves fulfillment success rates and reduces rework;

-- Extensive, flexible support for modular QoS, making it possible for providers to define and rapidly modify various QoS levels to support multiple applications - such as voice, video and data - running over a common VPN;

-- In-field equipment interface extensibility, enabling providers, for example, to take immediate advantage of new IOS commands and configurations;

-- A flexible and extensible provisioning platform. The Syndesis IP-VPN solution can be used as a stand-alone Layer 3 provisioning tool or as a fully integrated multi-layer solution;

-- Centralized management of new and existing VPNs. Carriers can easily migrate from an unmanaged environment to managed service offerings using Syndesis' service import and network synchronization capabilities;

-- Multi-vendor, off-the-shelf support for leading IP routers, MSE platforms, Ethernet switches, Layer 2 access and transport equipment and Layer 1 transport devices. Syndesis' portfolio of Equipment Modules features support for approximately 200 types and models of network equipment from leading vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, Alcatel, Lucent, Marconi, Extreme, Ciena, Sycamore, and others;

-- Scalable, fault-tolerant, carrier-proven platform. Syndesis solutions are designed and proven to work with, and scale to, a large number of transactions in large carrier environments; and,

-- Fully integrated IP address management and Layer 2 address management.

"By simplifying VPN service definition and provisioning, Syndesis is empowering service providers to manage their existing services and accelerate the introduction of new, differentiated service offerings from a single, robust, carrier-class platform," said Nicholson. "At the same time, these providers are delivering the financial results that are necessary to thrive in today's telecommunications marketplace, where competition is stiff and returns are now measured in months instead of years."


Currently available, the Syndesis IP-VPN solution suite has been successfully deployed in numerous Tier 1 production environments in the United States, Canada and Europe.

About Syndesis

Syndesis (www.Syndesis.com) empowers the world's largest telecommunications companies to provide new network experiences for their customers by enabling rapid and reliable delivery of profitable next generation data services. Renowned for customer responsiveness, in-depth network expertise and off-the-shelf support for more technologies and equipment than any other OSS software developer, Syndesis is the vendor of choice in deployments at more than 20 major service providers worldwide. Well-funded and privately held, Syndesis is backed by leading venture capital firms including Greylock, Helix, Pequot, Sequoia and VenGrowth. Cisco Systems, Convergys Corporation and Nortel Networks recommend and sell Syndesis software to their customers.

Christine Payne

Public Relations Manager