"Cities in Progress" - the BMW Group and cities across four continents discuss sustainable mobility

· Launch of BMW Group Dialogues 2018 in Los Angeles
· Main focus: better mobility for better cities
· Collaboration with Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator begins

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The challenges and opportunities for urban mobility have never been greater than they are now. Understanding those challenges and developing opportunities for a new era of urban mobility - that is the role of the BMW Group Dialogues.

The BMW Group organizes the worldwide event series as a platform for constructive face-to-face dialogue with stakeholders from cities, companies, institutes, universities and local residents. The motto of this year's event series is "Cities in Progress," and it all kicks off on June 6th in Los Angeles.

Sharing knowledge and promoting innovative ideas

The BMW Group wants to further develop its own strategy through these dialogues, with the aim of being a long-term driver of urban mobility. After the opening event in Los Angeles, further stages of this year's BMW Group Dialogues include Melbourne, Shenzhen, Rotterdam and Berlin. Each event consists of two workshops designed to create a comprehensive overview of all the challenges in each city. Insights gained from these dialogues will then serve as input for the product and service portfolio of the BMW Group.

First milestone of the "Cities in Progress" BMW Group Dialogues: cooperation with LACI

Developing clean and sustainable solutions for future urban mobility is also one of the goals of BMW Group's collaborative partner in this initiative, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI). On location, the collaboration between LACI and the BMW Group will be led by the BMW Group Technology Office USA. Simon Euringer, Vice President BMW Group Technology Office USA, is looking forward to some exciting results: "LACI has developed a unique strategy, whereby various stakeholders working on different projects will leverage synergies in order to develop and implement a sustainable mobility concept for the urban realm. The BMW Group is a leader in the field of innovative mobility. We supply networked, electric and increasingly automated vehicles. Connected Driving and Shared Mobility services are also part of our portfolio. LACI has the same goals as the BMW Group and innovative visions - so the incubator is the perfect partner for us."

"We are very glad the BMW Group has decided to launch its 'Cities in Progress' Dialogues here with LACI. This is particularly appropriate, as BMW has decided to work with private and public sector leaders, utility companies and regulatory authorities in LACI's newly created partnership for innovative transportation and electric mobility" says Matt Petersen, President and CEO von LACI.

"The fact that BMW is a driving force in the field of urban mobility makes it an ideal partner for us in our efforts to combat climate change, reduce air pollution and improve the quality of life in our cities through ongoing innovation and electric mobility."

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