Biomax Informatics AG Secures EUR 2.25 Million Growth Financing

MARTINSRIED, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 12, 2004--A consortium of venture capital companies, including BayBG, ECOS and S-UBG Bayern, have invested a total of EUR 2.25 million in Biomax Informatics AG.

Biomax, founded in 1997, with sales approaching the ten million range, has become a leading international provider to the fast growing bioinformatics market, the interface between biology and informatics. With IT solutions for systematic retrieval of biological and genetic information, Biomax facilitates the realization and acceleration of biotechnological research and development in the life sciences industry.

"With the additional resources from the venture capital consortium, we can extend our position in the market and press ahead with our international growth," emphasized Dr. Klaus Heumann, CEO and founder of Biomax. Biomax plans include expansion in the USA as well as further development of the product palette.

"Biomax's clear strategic position, which is excellently aligned for the future market and long-term customer relations with the life science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, was persuasive," stated Hans-Juergen Schmitz, executive officer of ECOS, as the reason for the venture capital consortium's commitment. Biomax's worldwide customers include BASF (Germany), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (USA), DSM (Netherlands), MorphoSys (Germany), National Cancer Institute (USA), QIAGEN (Germany), Roche Diagnostics (Germany) and Schering (Germany).

Frank Zimmerman, the investment manager at S-UBG Bayern responsible for the transaction, added "We invested in Biomax to strengthen its expansion - especially in the USA as well as in the area of OEM to provide value-added products for the diagnostics industry."

"Biomax is one of the few bioinformatics companies that has financed its growth - with only the single exception of the first investment from BayBG in 2002 - entirely with its realized net profit," clarified Dr. Wolf Ruediger Willig, executive officer of BayBG.

Biomax Informatics AG - www.biomax.com Biomax is a leader in the development of customized bioinformatics solutions, was founded in 1997 as a spin-off of the GSF-MIPS academic research group, now the German Research Center for Environment and Health-Institute for Bioinformatics (GSF-IBI). Founded by Prof. Dr. H. W. Mewes, Prof. Dr. D. Frishman and Dr. K. Heumann, Biomax developed a broad portfolio of bioinformatics solutions, including the well-known Pedant-Pro(TM) Sequence Analysis Suite, the BioRS(TM) Data Integration and Retrieval System, and other bioinformatics tools and services used in metabolic analysis, proteomics, and gene expression analysis.

BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH - www.baybg.de

As a universal venture capital company, BayBG Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Munich, invests in traditional small businesses as well as in innovative technology companies. Founded in 1972, BayBG has invested EUR 260 million in 570 companies to date.

ECOS Venture Capital Beteiligungs AG - www.ecosventure.at

ECOS is a well established venture capital company in the German-speaking area and one of the leading venture capital technology funds in Austria. Since foundation in 1999, ECOS has specialized in high-tech investments at early and expansion stages. ECOS has more than 20 years experience in the venture capital and private equity industry. ECOS focuses on information technologies and software as well as the medical devices industries. Eudaptics, TIANI Medgraph, r.z.w. cimdata, Logim and Life Optics are some of the investments made to date.

S-UBG Bayern Gesellschaft fuer Unternehmensbeteiligungen AG - www.s-ubg-bayern.de S-UBG Bayern was founded in 2002 by 18 Bavarian savings banks and the Sparkassenverband Bayern as a venture capital company for mid-sized businesses. S-UBG Bayern offers mid-sized businesses in Bavaria both mezzanine investment products and open investments up to EUR 1.4 million. Growth financing and succession financing are preferred.

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