World Innovation And European Premiere: Software Connects PC With Television

COLOGNE, Germany (ots) -

- "Medio" turns the SONY PlayStation 2 into a multi-media center

As of immediately, Medio, the multi-media software will be available to

all of Europe. The software transfers music, pictures and videos from your PC

onto your television set using your PlaysStation2 (PS2). PS2 acts as the

switchboard. With Medio the user is making great strides towards home


More and more people store videos, music or vacation pictures on their

PC. However, a direct connection to the TV or stereo system was never

possible: the data from the PC had to be painstakingly adapted and saved for

the respective end-device. For over 20 million PS2 owners in Europe this

process can now be done easily using Medio: the software processes all

current data formats such as MPEG (video), MP3 (audio), and JPEG (images). It

even allows direct access to USB end-devices from your PC, such as a digital

camera or a memory stick, without the need to transfer the data first onto

your computer.

Installation can be done in no time: connect to the internet, insert the

software CD and follow installation instructions.

The system requirements for Medio are minimal: a PS2, a memory card with

8 MB, a PS2 network adapter, and internet access. The computer should have at

least 20 MB of free space available on the hard drive and be equipped with at

least a Pentium III processor or a Macintosh G3(with 64 MB RAM). All Windows

operating systems 98 SE or higher are supported. Apple OS X and all Linux

versions operate smoothly with this software.

The Medio package consists of a CD-Rom, which is necessary for the

one-time set-up on your computer and for the PS2. The software also

initializes updates automatically and continuously updates the system.

Price: 59.95 Euro excluding shipping

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