iX, German journal for IT professionals, goes international / iX offers pilot issue in English

Hannover, Germany (ots) - iX, the German IT professional's

journal, has put together articles from some of its recent issues and

published them as an international pilot issue. The 72 pages, available

only electronically, can be downloaded as of now: www.ix.de/en/.

The English pilot issue represents the range of topics the German

journal covers. Networking, operating systems and client/server

computing are at the centre of iX's focus as well as the

Internet/Intranet and Virtual Reality. "Readers have asked again and

again, why we didn't publish iX in English", editor-in-chief Jürgen

Seeger says, "now we are looking forward to the responses".

In order to find out, whether an English iX would meet the needs of

potential readers, there is a very short questionnaire on the download

page the editorial staff would like potential readers to fill in. If it

turns out that an international iX might meet with a good response, the

journal will be published electronically on a regular basis. The English

iX addresses

IT professionals all over the world.

iX has been in print since 1988, published by Heise Zeitschriften

Verlag, which has successfully published technical journals since the

end of the seventies. Apart from iX, Heise journals currently include

the computer monthly c't and, licensed from MIT, the German version of

Technology Review.

Cover iX pilot issue English 2004


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