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ThinPrint announces a solution designed exclusively for Microsoft Terminal Services With the new .print Remote Desktop Printing Engine, the market leader for print management in distributed environments moves into a new direction. This version relinquishes support of the ICA protocol from Citrix in the interest of simplified administration.

Microsoft IT Forum 2004, Copenhagen/Denmark, November 16-19

The ThinPrint .print Remote Desktop Printing Engine, which solely supports the Microsoft protocol RDP, promises to be a solution that is easy to install and requires absolutely no administration. Nevertheless, customers will reduce print data volume up to 98%, increase print rate dramatically, and be able to use any printer, including USB and all-in-one, multifunctional devices. What's more, thanks to "DRIVER FREE PRINTING", it isn't even necessary to install printer drivers on the Microsoft Windows server. "In our experience, simple administration is a main concern for customers who prefer just to use Microsoft Terminal Services. By focusing on the RDP protocol, we can achieve a completely administration-free solution and at the same time offer customers a high performance spectrum," explains Carsten Mickeleit, Managing Director of ThinPrint GmbH. "With a price of 680 Euro plus tax, the customer gets the best possible print support for his environment, which pays for itself in no time."

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ThinPrint is the market leader for software based print management solutions. Previously the company has made its name mainly in the Citrix MetaFrame (Citrix Systems, Inc., Nasdaq: CTXS) and Microsoft Terminal Services arena (Nasdaq: MSFT - News), but has been marketing its products increasingly and equally as successfully for distributed networks, web applications, and mobile applications. The software manufacturer is based in Germany with offices in USA and Australia. More than 500 renowned distributors and resellers in 48 countries market ThinPrint┬┤s software.

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