Grow it - Don't Cut it


It seems that there are good prospects in the realm of new technologies

in Germany, providing that these technologies are systematically applied in

ways that meet customer needs. Industrial manufacturing can only remain

competitive insofar as it is rapid, thus converting innovation leadership

into market and cost advantages.

Small, precision plastic components can be manufactured in one of three

ways: injection moulding, laser cutting or generative processes such as Rapid

Micro Product Development (RMPD) technology, in which individual components

take shape concurrently (including in large production runs) from molten

plastic without the aid of tooling. However, in microinjection moulding

processes, only a small number of components can be manufactured concurrently

using the same equipment.

Unlike the other two processes, injection moulding involves engineering

and financial costs. Moreover, this process, as well as laser cutting,

requires subsequent work steps and additional technical equipment.

In the realm of micofluid products for biotechnology applications

(diagnostic systems and micropumps), the labour and number of steps saved as

the result of a changeover to generative processes are particularly

advantageous in terms of cost and time in product development, and

particularly for series production. Moreover, only generative processes

automatically produce surface properties such as hydrophilic areas, thus

avoiding subsequent processing.

MicroTec is a highly experienced customized series manufacturing and

product development specialist with two production facilities in Germany.

This medium sized company has the logistical advantage that it can use

international airmail to ship micocomponents and microsystems, including

large consignments. At the same time, customers benefit from online price

quotes and orders, from any computer worldwide, via CAD data transfer.



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