Product placement in the film "I, ROBOT" a huge success: The Audi RSQ spurs on the brand's image ratings

Ingolstadt, December 2, 2004

* Audience of over 55 million has seen film and concept car to date

* Surveys among US cinema-goers confirm image boost for Audi

* Reports on the film car in over 40 countries The product placement in the Hollywood blockbuster "I, ROBOT" starring Will Smith has proved a huge success for AUDI AG. The results of surveys conducted in the USA reveal that the Audi RSQ sports car study, which plays a major role in the science fiction thriller, has given a substantial boost to the image ratings of the brand with the four rings in the USA. "This placement has reinforced the core values of the Audi brand in the USA. Audi has gained considerable ground for criteria such as attractiveness, distinctiveness and affinity among those who have seen "I, ROBOT" in the USA", commented Tim Miksche, who is responsible for product placement at Audi.

The film has drawn a worldwide cinema audience of over 55 million to date. This already puts it among the ten most successful films of the year. With Audi's support, the film even opened in China at the end of November. The DVD of the box office hit in addition went on sale internationally in December.

The objective of the placement project, namely to increase brand awareness and raise the emotional appeal of the Audi brand, has been more than achieved. The Audi brand essence of "Vorsprung durch Technik" and the progressive nature of the brand have been shored up by the futuristic genre and the innovative design of the RSQ car featuring in the film.

The concept car with the four-ring badge is visible for a total of almost nine minutes in the film. Miksche is delighted by its impact: "The Audi RSQ achieves an enduring, recurring presence in 'I, ROBOT', the vehicle is incorporated into the film's plot, there is interaction between the car and the human characters, and last but not least the car's high aesthetic quality blends in well with the film world."

These are all aspects that US audiences watching "I, ROBOT" have acknowledged: in a survey conducted in six American cities, they awarded the film car high ratings throughout. Over 95 percent of all cinema-goers considered that the Audi RSQ suits the film world of "I, ROBOT". Miksche continues: "This is not only welcome praise for Audi designers, but also highlights the fact that the design of our premium brand is already looking well into the future."

"I, ROBOT" is also a success for Audi in press terms. The film car has been covered in print and online media and in television and radio features in over 40 different countries. Internet search engines now produce anything up to 35,000 hits for the search term "Audi RSQ".

For the first time in the history of product placement, Audi had developed and built a vehicle explicitly for a Hollywood blockbuster. Audi designers created a vehicle for the fictional world of the future of "I, ROBOT" in the year 2035. The resulting Audi RSQ sports coupé is a visionary interpretation of the typically Audi design language. Importantly, the car had to remain recognisable as an Audi for all its extreme form.


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