Talon Composites Selects Japanese Representative; Talon's Relationship with Japan's J.E. Access Opens New Markets for Its Products

LOS ANGELES & YOKOHAMA, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 9, 2005--Talon Composites, LLC, a manufacturer of proprietary metal matrix composites, announced today that it has appointed J.E. Access Ltd., a Yokohama-based technology-transfer and consulting firm, as its representative office in Japan.

Talon President Robin Carden remarked, "Talon's high performance advanced metal matrix materials can be used in a variety of applications throughout Japan, and we are excited to announce our partnership with J.E. Access. We are committed to serving our customers throughout the world, and the Talon team is pleased to join forces with J.E. Access President Hans-Henning Judek and his associates to better serve the Japanese market."

Hans-Henning Judek, President of J.E. Access, noted, "We at J.E. Access have been meeting regularly with the Talon Composites team and have found that their materials dramatically reduce weight without sacrificing structural strength. Talon recognizes the great opportunities that exist in the Japanese market, and J.E. Access looks forward to exploring these new business relationships together with Talon."

Mr. Carden added, "At this point, we are focusing on identifying partners who can best utilize Talon's proprietary materials in nuclear shielding applications. The impending operational launch of the Rokkasho nuclear reprocessing plant and use of MOX nuclear fuels has created a strong demand for high-safety nuclear shielding materials in Japan. We are looking forward to helping keep the citizens of Japan safe from spent nuclear fuel, just as Talon has done in the United Kingdom, through our relationship with British Nuclear Fuel (BNFL) and in the United States and China, through our partnership with US-based NAC."

About Talon Composites

Talon Composites produces and markets a range of high performance advanced metal matrix material ("MMC") products utilizing Talon's own proprietary technology under the name of Talbor(R), as well as Boralyn(R), a neutron absorbing material that contains Cogema Logistics technology. These MMCs consist primarily of aluminum and boron carbide and are supplied to the nuclear waste and nuclear transportation industries for neutron absorption applications. Talon's proprietary processes enable the boron carbide particulates to be dispersed evenly throughout the composite, making it especially suitable to the nuclear industry. Additionally, the high strength of the fine grain structure of Talbor(R) substantially boosts performance in wet and dry nuclear storage and transportation applications. Talon Composites materials can also be used in a wide variety of security applications, in high-end automotive manufacturing, as well as in high-performance sporting goods.


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