Yanfeng pioneers Hygiene Technologies for Shared Mobility in Smart Cabins

Stuttgart, Germany - 5 September 2019. Yanfeng, one of the world's leading automotive suppliers and a specialist in smart cabin concepts, presents its expertise in integrated interior technology and Smart Cabin design with its advanced technology concept, the "Wellness Pod" - a unique antimicrobial device that sanitizes vehicle interior air and surfaces with UV light while bringing in the latest in Scent Dispensing. By combining UV Air Sanitization and non-liquid scent dispensing into an overhead console, Yanfeng's Wellness Pod enhances the wellbeing of passengers on the commute. The company sees increasing use cases for both personal, sharing, and car-hailing services.

With the ever-rising awareness of personal health, wellness, and a growing ride-sharing economy, vehicle interiors will increasingly become a public space. Yanfeng's Wellness Pod console features a touchpad interface with user-friendly smartphone app control. The slim console with its concealed air vents can be seamlessly integrated into the cabin interior. It can be mounted as an overhead console or be designed as a portable unit. The Wellness Pod, with built-in lens technology for UV distribution, integrates the features and functions of UV Air Sanitizer, Multi-Scent Dispensing, and UV Surface

"We've developed the Wellness Pod to provide passengers with the most comfortable travelling experience, taking all senses into consideration," explains Han Hendriks, Chief Technology Officer at Yanfeng Technology. "Most people do care a lot about the cleanliness of their own or shared cars, and people care about a wholesome, healthy, and appealing interior of the cabin when starting their journeys. Our Wellness Pod meets these demands with unmatched hygiene functionality and consumer choices. But it is also equally important for shared mobility service companies as a clean and fresh interior drives customer satisfaction and vehicle up-time, both are essential to this business model."

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