What seniors want: State of the art, but super-simple

emporia Telecom, the technology leader for easy-to-use smartphones and key cell phones especially for the elderly, presents four new 4G devices that unite one thing: they are technically cutting-edge as well as super easy to use.

"We put ease of use first, because that's what senior citizens want," says Eveline Pupeter, 100% owner and Managing Director of the Austrian company emporia Telecom.

Studies commissioned by emporia have shown that older people want to be self-determined in life - and this includes independently using the latest means of communication. "Seniors don't want to ask their grandchild how to send a photo via WhatsApp or SMS; they simply want to do it," explains Pupeter.

emporia Telecom has always focused on ease of use. This path will not be abandoned, even if the inner workings of the latest devices could do much more than they show on the outside.

‚Äč‚Äčemporia Telecom is presenting two 4G VoLTE key cell phones (emporiaACTIVE and emporiaACTIVEglam, with a flap) running the AndroidGo operating system. Essentially, these two key cell phones have what it takes to be a smartphone. "But there are still millions of people who type and don't want to swipe, so we're staying true to our line and continuing to offer the popular key cell phones in addition to the smartphone," explains Pupeter.

Both feature phones have extra-large, illuminated keys with an excellent pressure point, large displays with easy to read text and pleasant contrasts. They are hearing aid-compatible and equipped with an emergency call function, a camera and an alarm clock.

The emporiaTOUCHsmart is a successful mix of smartphone and key cell phone. The smartest clamshell phone on the market has a touchscreen in the upper part, keys in the lower part and also scores with a dedicated WhatsApp button for direct access to the popular messaging app. The emporiaTOUCHsmart also has an emergency call function, camera, radio and torch, and is dust and splash-proof thanks to its nano-coating (IP54).

The mobile phone experts from Austria are also presenting the latest generation of smartphones for the elderly. While the international trend is towards ever larger (and therefore increasingly unwieldy) sizes, the people from Linz are switching down a size. The emporiaSMART.3mini was developed at the special request of men who no longer want large smartphones bulging in their jackets and trouser pockets.

The emporiaSMART.3mini is an easy-to-use smartphone that is smaller than standard models, but still fulfils all the requirements placed on a smartphone: chic, completely intelligent and technically state of the art. It offers all the common features, such as two cameras, a strong battery, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. The 4.95-inch touchscreen is still large enough to be easily read and used. The additional advantages: a simple interface, dust and splash-proofing (IP54), hearing aid-compatibility, acoustic amplification, an emergency call button and a training manual.

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