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Europe AMSTERDAM, Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 16, 2005--Professionals from the military and law enforcement sector will gather at the Countering IEDs Europe conference from June 7-9, 2005, in Amsterdam to share best practices and expertise on IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) countermeasures. This is all in an effort to make the most of the latest solutions, technologies, tactics and trend analysis to anticipate and prevent future attacks and ultimately save the lives of innocent bystanders caught in this war on terror.

IEDs have been the cause of many fatalities in Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as the war in Afghanistan and last year's Madrid train bombing. Most recently there have been reports of a possible planned attack on New York's Grand Central Station that has called for the need of better predicting and preventing future strikes from occurring. Defining the threat using trend analysis techniques will be a focal point of this marcus evans defense event and will be covered over a number of sessions featuring prominent industry leaders. Views on this issue will be given from a United States, United Kingdom and Israeli perspective.

Benjamin Riley, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Full Dimensional Protection), United State Office of the Secretary of Defense, will present a session titled "Changing Threats, Changing Needs." The focus will be on examining the criticality of addressing IED threat as a component of Counter Insurgency/Counter Terrorism operations and the "teaming of organizations" to leverage, evaluate and exploit technologies across the Department of Defense and other government and non-government organizations. In addition, Riley's session will focus on reviewing how to quickly identify and field technologies demonstrating value to production level capability in significant numbers. Lieutenant Colonel Arik Largman, Head Survivability System Branch, Israeli Ministry of Defence, will co-present with Dr. Itzhak Schnitzer, Head of Defense Programs, Rafael Armament Development Authority Ltd., on a session titled "IEDs: Trend Analysis and Defying Technology." The European perspective will be examined through a roundtable discussion featuring Bob Milton, Ex-Commander, Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard, United Kingdom, who will be presenting on the topic of "Terrorist Trend Predictive Capability."

Keynoting this event will be Marshall Billingslea, Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, NATO, with a session titled "NATO's Role in Fighting Terrorism." Billingslea's sessions will focus on ongoing NATO operations, understanding the threat of terrorism and the role of intelligence in this process. Also highlighted will be the achievement of results through NATO's defense against terrorism program of work and countering IEDs -- prevention, detection and control.

Through case studies, briefings and keynote presentations this event will provide the techniques needed to counter IEDs and will bring together Europe's leading defense visionaries to share their expertise on this most prevalent problem.

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