Investkredit selects AIM Software for Credit Risk Management

International Bank for Corporates Selects Turnkey Solution

AIM Software, a leading provider of risk management and data management solutions to the financial industry, announces today that Investkredit Bank AG, an international bank that specializes in corporate companies, has selected AIM Software�'s risk management solution to manage its credit risk calculations. The system was put into process in February 2005.

The AIM Software solution was evaluated in a proof-of-concept testing and was delivered in a turnkey implementation, including the calculation of the economic capital and credit risk.

"AIM Software�'s technology helped us to improve our risk management significantly," said Wolfgang Wainig, Executive Director and Head of Portfolio & Risk Management at Investkredit. "The combination of AIM�'s standardized solution together with its flexibility allows us to apply rapid adjustments aligned with current and future demands of Basel II."

Manual processes in risk management are increasingly being automated, thereby, any potential sources of error during data import and data processing can be minimized with the integrated data and risk management solution of AIM Software. Extensive quality checks of the imported market data and portfolio data account for a substantial improvement of the calculated results.

"We focused on Investkredit�'s need for a complete automation of all business processes and an integrated, consistent quality control in the import and the processing of the data," said Martin Buchberger, Head of Marketing at AIM Software. "We are delighted to welcome Investkredit as our latest customer of our risk management platform."

Investkredit Bank AG

Investkredit Bank AG (http://www.investkredit.at) is a specialist bank based in Vienna with offices in Central Europe which offers financial services exclusively to corporate customers.

With its range of products, the Bank for Corporates meets all financing and financial asset management needs going beyond the scope of normal day-to-day banking business. Investkredit is a long-term loan financier for medium- and large-scale enterprises and combines the functions of a financing bank for corporates, a real-estate bank and a treasury and asset-management bank.

AIM Software

Founded in 1998, AIM Software (http://www.aim-sw.com) specializes in creating data management and risk management software solutions for financial markets. Based on its worldwide distribution and service partner network, AIM Software provides internationally recognized modular software solutions. With offices in Austria, New York, Switzerland and Hong Kong, AIM operates globally in the major financial centres with 70+ clients.


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