Lingoda announces the Lingoda Team Challenge: the future of online language learning

● The Lingoda Team Challenge makes language learning an experience to share with friends, relatives and colleagues

● Mutual motivation and support are key to create a successful learning habit, achieve a common goal and win exclusive prizes

● Success in the challenge will enable learners to play a leading role as responsible global citizens

BERLIN, SEPTEMBER 24th 2020 // Lingoda, the number one trusted online language school, announces today the launch of the #LingodaTeamChallenge, a global contest bringing together people from all over the world, united in the mission to learn a new language.

What makes the Lingoda Team Challenge special is the combination of remote learning programs tailored to individuals' needs and the dynamic environment of a goal-based contest. The format allows people separated in time and space to connect with their friends, relatives, and co-workers by joining as a team. Teams showing team spirit and commitment by completing all assigned lessons at the same pace will also have the chance to win fabulous prizes like a trip to London, Madrid, Vienna and Paris or up to one year of free language lessons.

With this initiative, Lingoda goes against the grain of isolation dynamics by offering a program that combines collaborative teamwork, a sense of belonging and enjoyment to stimulate virtuous learning habits, motivation and perseverance.

In designing this campaign, Lingoda was inspired by the opportunity to become actors of positive change giving back to Covid-19 relief efforts, together with their students. This is why the Lingoda Team Challenge rolls out in synergy with the Lingoda Language Scholarship Programme, supporting people rebuild their careers compromised by Covid-19: for every participant completing the Lingoda Team Challenge, Lingoda will donate 20% of classes to those who lost their job due to the crisis.

''With the Lingoda Team Challenge, we create a flexible, customized learning space nurtured by genuine connections and a meaningful purpose. I strongly believe this is the successful recipe to drive the kind of motivation and engagement that today's students need to excel and achieve their highest potential" says Michael Shangkuan, CEO of Lingoda.

Campaign mechanics

The registration to the Lingoda Team Challenge is available on the Lingoda website from September 24th, 2020 to November 1st, 2020. Winners will be announced in January 2021.

Eligible candidates to the Lingoda Language Scholarship Programme can apply by filling in the application form available on the Lingoda website from mid October 2020 to the end of November 2020. Selected scholars will be announced in February 2021.

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