A chance to win a study trip to Switzerland

Mountains and money, chocolate and cheese are just a few of the clichés about Switzerland. But there�'s much more to the Swiss than this. www.swissworld.org provides information on (almost!) everything anyone might want to know about this unusual country.

www.swissworld.org is even running a competition whose prize is a study trip to Switzerland to see behind the scenes. Competitors just have to answer five questions - all the answers are on the site. The draw for the ten winners takes place on December 1st.

Swissworld.org, which is produced in eight languages, is designed for anyone with an interest in Switzerland, whether they are studying it in school, planning a trip or keen to improve their knowledge of one of the Swiss languages and are looking for background information.

The text, which is regularly updated, is both informative and fun. The simple-to-navigate content is divided into seven chapters on geography, economy, science, people, culture, government and history. A series of "Spotlights" treat selected subjects, such as architecture, innovation and the environment, comprehensively and in greater depth. Texts and film extracts from DVDs on Swiss-connected topics are available in the DVD section.

The swisspics gallery offers a wide choice of images which can be downloaded for free or sent as postcards.

Swissworld.org is published by Presence Switzerland, an official body of the Swiss Confederation. PRS promotes the worldwide dissemination of general knowledge about Switzerland.

For more information: www.swissworld.org


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