German federal prosecutor's office discontinues preliminary proceedings against former top EU official

Munich - The federal prosecutor's office discontinues the preliminary proceedings against the former top EU official and former EUTOP managing director Gerhard Sabathil with regard to the suspicion of espionage for the People's Republic of China without conditions [according to ยง170 II StPO (German Code of Criminal Procedure)].

EUTOP-CEO Dr. Klemens Joos: "We welcome the decision of the federal prosecutor's office, because it confirms the groundlessness of the accusations made against Gerhard Sabathil."

It remains unfortunate that incorrect accusations against Gerhard Sabathil reached the public at all.

In January, immediately after the accusations against him became known, Gerhard Sabathil asked for the termination of his employment contract in order to concentrate fully on the clarification of the accusations. At no time were EUTOP or other employees of the company the subject of the preliminary investigation by the federal prosecutor's office.

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