GSB Gold Standard Banking: Josip Heit starts Blockchain Project G999

GSB hires Sophia Thomalla as Blockchain Ambassador: Since the morning hours of today, December 8th, 2020, one of the most exciting commercials of the year 2020 has been running in the middle of Times Square in New York. A German is turning the heads of everyone internationally - Sophia Thomalla.

The start of a worldwide campaign of the new Blockchain project G999 of the GSB. New York, Moscow, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Singapore, Toronto, Hong Kong, Sydney, Beijing, London, Zurich, Vienna and Paris, there is hardly a metropolis on this planet where the spots with the new Blockchain - Ambassador Sophia Thomalla are not shown.

Sophia Thomalla is, at first sight, a surprising commitment. At least for those not interested in cryptography.
The insider knew how to inspire the smart 30-year-old in advance when she confidently moderated a worldwide GSB webinar in fluent English and impressed with her surprising knowledge of the crypto and block chain world. Sophia Thomalla: "The digital currency cannot be stopped. It will come - sooner rather than later. The technology behind it, the possibilities and innovations fascinate me. I have been interested in everything that has to do with Blockchain technology for quite some time now".

Chairman of the Board Josip Heit immediately recognised the potential and possibilities of a cooperation with the German media star and decided to sign Sophia Thomalla.
Heit: "Sophia Thomalla is one of the most famous presenters and actresses in the German-speaking world. She has long been highly interested in crypto-currencies, especially in block chain technology, cryptography and especially telecommunications, as well as the technologies behind them.For me, she is one of the most attractive representatives of the "iPhone" generation worldwide, growing up simply and naturally with the technologies we present at GSB. We look forward to working with her and the spot in Times Square, and soon everywhere else in the world, shows in an impressive way that this commitment has been worthwhile".

The spot was filmed in the banking district of Dubai with the help of a professional film and video crew of 75 people. Not an easy task in these times, as compliance with the Corona pandemic requirements alone demanded a great deal of logistical mastery from the participants.

Josip Heit comments: "Sophia and team were standing on the set at 5 a.m. to capture the best light. Since all special effects were integrated later, every movement, every detail on the set was of immense importance. It was very interesting to watch. I am very satisfied with the work and the result. I believe that with this visualisation many people will understand our product better".Heit believes that the future of cryptography lies in a secure, compliant and regulated environment, with the "G999" being a unique electronic system, card reader and app that provides fast payments, micro-fees and a variety of other options for telecommunications and messengers in one, inspired by the deflationary token economy model. The G999 is based on the idea that block chain technology ensures compliance with environmental regulations, in particular the promotion of energy saving. At the same time, it meets the current need to manage personal data in a completely secure and risk-free space, away from the mainstream web network through a decentralised data centre.Josip Heit explains a block chain, which enables information to be transmitted in a forgery-proof manner by means of a decentralised database shared by many participants, so that copies are impossible. The database is called a distributed register or general ledger.
Heit: "It is stored on many computers in a peer-to-peer network, with each new node taking over a complete copy of the block chain when it joins and from now on has the task of checking and documenting transactions".Software experts at GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG develop high-tech products, whereby the G999 is particularly suitable for e-mail or voice text messages via block chain!"Our block chain ecosystem is open-source and based on computer technology that allows anyone to develop their new or established business according to a proof-of-stake model (Proof of Stake refers to a process by which a block chain network reaches a consensus as to which participant may generate the next block)," says Heit and is certain that this technology is the beginning of a new path into the future!"Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, an international conglomerate based in the Port of Hamburg, deliberately chose the legendary Reuters Building in New York's Times Square to launch the global campaign. The 22-storey high Thomson Reuters sign consists of 11 uniquely large, high-resolution LED screens and state-of-the-art technology for full-motion video. The video can be viewed here on YouTube: https://youtu.be/cSniYhRn3jI

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- Video and Picture is available at AP Images (http://www.apimages.com) -

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