Covid-19: Doctor's certificates for antigen self-tests now offered online worldwide by DrAnsay.com

Hamburg - DrAnsay.com, the market leader for online doctor attests, now offers online test certificates for self-applied rapid antigen tests worldwide to avoid the effort, infection risk and cost of point-of-care testing.

To obtain a test certificate online, the user first needs a standard antigen rapid self-test, which he performs himself at any time at any location. After ten minutes, he then sees the test result and answers the questionnaire at www.DrAnsay.com at any time. Within three minutes he will receive the test certificate in 14 languages as a PDF file 24/7 after verification by an online doctor.

The test certificate fulfills all requirements for travelling to Germany, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Turkey, France etc., if the user does not have a vaccination or immunity passport. Especially for the USA, the legally validated test certificate also contains the necessary medical confirmation that the user has no symptoms and is fit to fly.

"In times of Corona, safe travel, work, school etc. for all citizens worldwide is only possible with mass rapid antigen testing. Only our efficient online service now quickly and easily allows millions of doctors' certificates of such self-applied tests worldwide," said lawyer and CEO Dr. jur. Can Ansay (press photo https://bit.ly/376DjnT).

This service complements the world's first online COVID-19 "Immunity Passport" for recovered persons already launched on June 18, 2020.

About "Dr. Ansay AU-Schein GmbH":

Dr. Ansay AU-Schein GmbH launched with online doctor's notes for paid sick leave in Germany in 2018 via www.AU-Schein.de. The service is based on smart questionnaires, which are verified online by doctors. To date, more than 100,000 physician attestations have been issued without any reported misdiagnosis.

Picture is available at AP Images (http://www.apimages.com)

Press contact:

Mrs. Treerat Wongsaisit
Dr. Ansay AU-Schein GmbH
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20146 Hamburg, Germany

E-Mail: presse@au-schein.de
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