Smiths Detection Introduces HI-SCAN 6040 aTiX For Automatic Explosives Detection in Carry-on Baggage

MUNICH, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 11, 2005--

New X-ray inspection system to revolutionise passenger security procedures by providing automatic explosives detection without hampering proven checkpoint measures

Smiths Detection, the world's leading provider of X-ray and trace detection equipment, today introduced its latest product development for carry-on baggage inspection, the new HI-SCAN 6040aTiX. 6040aTiX is a high-peformance multi-view X-ray inspection system that automatically detects and pinpoints explosives in carry-on baggage in real-time. It actively assists security operatives with superior screening procedures without impairing proven inspection activities. Rather, as the system hardly exceeds the dimensions of widely employed X-ray inspection equipment and also offers identical user-interface and operational features, the 6040aTiX can easily replace any HI-SCAN system currently used for carry-on baggage inspection measures at airports or any other critical access point without necessitating decisive alterations for the checkpoint layout or design.

"We are very proud that we have worked out the synergies in our R&D efforts and now can offer the advantages of explosives detection technology known from hold baggage screening for carry-on baggage inspection measures," said Roland Muesse, President Smiths Detection E/ME/A, at the opening of the Inter Airport Europe 2005 show in Munich. "The 6040aTiX will revolutionise checkpoint procedures without impairing the current, successful activities of operatives all around the world. On the contrary, that system will help increase throughput and actively assists by pointing out explosives during the inspection process."

Smiths Detection's technological approach prevents the significant disadvantages of other currently pursued approaches to explosives detection. The HI-SCAN 6040aTiX is cost-efficient, usually does not require a redesign of checkpoint lanes and augments throughput even further. Besides airports, HI-SCAN 6040aTiX is also suited for access control to other critical security areas in public and private industry applications.

During Inter Airport Europe 2005, visitors have the opportunity to test the functionalities of the new 6040aTiX system and other product novelties regarding security checkpoint applications at the Smiths Detection booth A 40 in Hangar 4.

The HI-SCAN 6040aTix system on show in Munich is a pre-production prototype now undergoing extensive testing and customer evaluation. The machine is expected to enter full production by mid-year 2006 with customers worldwide already showing considerable interest in this exciting advance in aviation security.

About Smiths Detection: Smiths Detection is one of four operating divisions of Smiths Group plc. Smiths Detection offers technologically advanced security solutions to detect and identify explosives, chemical & biological agents, weapons and contraband. Employing trace detection technology together with Smiths Heimann X-ray imaging, Smiths Detection provides screening solutions for customers in civil and military markets worldwide.

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